Student Affairs Professional. Doctor. Life Long Learner. A Little Nerdy.

I enjoy making videos from time to time. Students and colleagues are often the stars of my home made cinematic projects!

Fire Extinguisher Training

At Cal Poly Pomona we had a week of programming dedicated to emergency preparedness. As part of the week we set up a fire extinguisher training for students as they walked through campus. I recorded the training and made a video so that we could use social media to continue teaching PASS - Pull, Aim, Squeeze, Sweep.

Paper Dragon - one of my favorite team builders! This is how we do it!!

One of my favorite team builders is doing games from the TV Show Minute to Win It. Paper dragon with the Cal Pomona team is one of my favorites!

High Five Patrol, part of Random Acts of Kindness Week!

As a means of spreading kindness, one of my colleagues brought Random Acts of Kindness Week to Cal Poly. Each year, we spent an afternoon outside the dining hall giving high fives to students as they go in for lunch. It was not only fun for the students, but the professional staff had a great time putting smiles on students' faces!