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I often have opportunities to present topics of interests to colleagues and students on various topics. Below is a selected list of some presentations I've done at conferences. Further down the page, there are several Prezi's that I've created on various topics over the year.

WACUHO, April 2012, Pomona, CA, "Doctor School Three Ways"
WACUHO, June 2011, University of San Diego, "Doctor School: 90% Persistence, 10% Intellect"
WACUHO, April 2010, Stanford University, "Creating Hate Crime & Bias Related Incident Response Teams"
3D Leaders - Dream, Dare, DO!, October 2009, Cal Poly Pomona, "Hate Speech vs. Free Speech"
WACUHO, April 2009, Santa Barbara, CA, "Learner Centered Interactions in a Web 2.0 World"
WACUHO, April 2009, Santa Barbara, CA, "Environmental and Psychological Influences of Residential Common Spaces on University Students"
3D Leadership Conference - Dream, Dare, Do!, October 2008, Cal Poly Pomona, "Where Do You Stand?"
North Coast Education Summit, February 2006, Humboldt State University, "The Job Race"
Campus Dialogue on Race, November 2005, Humboldt State University, "Friends and Allies"
Leadership Conference, September 2005, Humboldt State University, "Hate Speech and Free Speech" & "American Desi"
Arcata High School Unity Week, April 2005, Arcata High School, "The College Race"
Leadership Conference & Campus Dialogue on Race, Fall 2004, Humboldt State University, "The Job Race