Student Affairs Professional. Doctor. Life Long Learner. A Little Nerdy.

My path.  

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 In the fall of 2010 I took my first doctoral class, Adult devleopment Theories, which was taught by my advisor. One of the first exercises we did in class was to draw a timeline of our life story and identify major markers. Everyone in the class drew horizontal lines and I drew a map of the US with identifying all the places I've ever lived and the educational institutions that were part of my story. The image above is a slightly fancier version of what I drew in class.

Here's my timeline in words:

I was born in Miami, FL, living there until I was about 6 years old, when we moved to Hockessin, DE. I don't remember much about Miami, but it's where I learned to swim, ride a bike, and watched a lot of Sesame Street. Moving to Delaware gave us the opportunity to explore much of the east coast. At age 12, we moved to Bloomfield Hills, MI which brought experiences with intense snow falls and summers on the lake.

I attended high school at the International Academy as a member of the charter class in what was a truly unique experience. I completed an International Baccalaureate degree then and went on to Vassar College. At Vassar I majored in Science, Technology, & Society - one of the most fun majors ever! I was really involved in student government at Vassar and it was there that I was inspired to pursue a career in student affairs.  

My first job out of college took me into the Redwood forests at Humboldt State University. HSU provided me the opportunity to define my values as a professional. While working at HSU, I also pursued my MA in Education - one of the most enriching educational experiences. It thoroughly prepared me for my future doctoral studies and professional work.  

Upon completion of my masters degree in 2008, I moved to Southern California, working at Cal Poly Pomona. CPP was a fun institution for me - I worked in student affairs with students who were majoring in various science and engineering fields. Additionally, CPP is located just outside of Los Angeles, allowing me to explore museums, live theater, music, and more! 

In 2010 I started a doctoral program at Claremont Graduate University, one of the toughest and one of the most inspiring endeavors of my life. I have gained much confidence in my abilities and my dreams for the future of education are infinite. In 2012 I started working at Pomona College, which introduced me to new opportunities in the world of private higher education.

In the summer of 2013, at UC Irvine as the Director of Palo Verde, graduate housing. This new adventure is allowed me to learn much more about leadership, budget management, and facilities. I learned about Res Life as I supported the different needs of graduate students and their families.

Fall 2017 brought on a new opportunity for me as I started as the Dean of Students at Cal State Long Beach. In this role I work with several areas, including the Office of Multicultural Affairs, Student Life & Development, Dream Success Center, CARES Team, and the Student Emergency Intervention & Wellness Program. Having the opportunity to serve as a student advocate in this capacity has been a dream come true!

My future goals include continuing in leadership positions within the field of student affairs. Since starting my doctoral work, I've furthered my goals to obtaining a position as a college or university president. Additionally, I have a vision of a college that uses education as a social change agent and look forward to chartering Piya College in my future (I'm also looking for donors in the mean time!)

That's my brief timeline, take a look around my website for more details.